I/WE/THEN/NOW Jim Chatelain Brenda Goodman Peter Williams

11 November - 17 December 2016
PAUL KOTULA PROJECTS is pleased to announce I/WE/THEN/NOW November 6 through December 17The exhibition features the work of three American painters: Jim Chatelain (Delhi, NY,) Brenda Goodman (Pine Hill, NY,) and Peter Williams (Wilmington, DE.) The artists, who have each lived in Detroit at different points in their lives, generate formally acute, materially rich work in which figuration and abstraction are central.

Together the work inspires dialogue about the role of nostalgia, the shifting meaning of symbolism, the complexities of identity, and the vitality of core human experiences. While Goodman and Williams are represented by paintings, Chatelain is represented by a series of works on paper and sculpture (made from a multitude of materials that leverage their painterly-ness.) The combination of work offers viewers an initial aesthetic encounter that soon unfolds richly complex concepts.